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Pause in Operations

On behalf of the board of directors, I have the unfortunate task of announcing that we will not be holding our annual competitions this year. We made this difficult decision in consultation with local volunteers and the Miss New York Organization. Our board determined that this pause in operations was necessary to preserve the 52-year legacy of the Miss Fulton County organization and brand.

Our organization will continue to exist, but we will not hold a license as a Miss America local competition for the 2024 competition season. We remain committed to the Miss America and the Miss New York Organizations and will not be partnering with another pageant system. However, we will actively preserve our scholarship reserves and protect the Miss Fulton County brand in the local community and statewide. We intend for this to be a pause in our regular operations, and we will work with stakeholders to develop a new leadership who can foster our program for years to come.

Our current titleholders will continue to hold their titles through the end of the calendar year, and will be making local appearances in Fulton and Montgomery County over the next three months.

The board of directors extends their gratitude to the local community for their perpetual support through the years. We are optimistic that the organization will return to normal operations in the near future.

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