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Eligibility for the 2023 Season

To compete in the 2023 season (fall 2022/winter 2023), you must meet these requirements:

  • Age (both must be true)

    • Not younger than 19 years old by December 31, 2023

    • Not older than 26 years old on December 31, 2023

  • Residency (one must be true)

    • Live, work, or attend school in Fulton County or Montgomery County 

    • Graduate of a school in Fulton County or Montgomery County, and still live, work, or attend school in New York State

  • Identify as female

  • Can not be pregnant or become pregnant during the year of service

  • Can not be a parent or legal guardian or become a parent or legal guardian during the year of service

  • Cannot be or ever have been married

  • Can not have been convicted of any crime greater than a misdemeanor


Job Description

Miss Fulton County is the public face of the Miss Fulton County Scholarship Program. She is the local representative of the Miss New York and Miss America Organizations.

We expect our titleholders will take an active role in our community and be role models to others. They will maintain a clean and active presence in person and on social media and conduct themselves with the integrity worthy of the iconic Miss America crown.

Our titleholders will have opportunities to earn scholarships, develop public speaking skills, engage in community activism, and network with professionals from around the state. Miss Fulton County will go on to compete at the Miss New York Competition.

Social Impact Initiative

Candidates are required to choose a Social Impact Initiative (SII) that they will support, advocate for, and promote during their year as titleholders. A candidate should select her SII based on her passion or beliefs. She can create her SII around an organization, an idea, or a movement. Some examples include “Financial Literacy in Youth,” “The Boys and Girls Club of America,” “Breast Cancer Awareness,” “Putting an End to Bullying,” and “Achieving Success Through Positive Body Image.”


Financial Commitment

To compete in any Miss America local competition, you must register through the national organization and pay a $35 fee. You pay this only once per season. You must also pay a $75 fee per local competition you enter this season. Because of the generosity of our community and the longevity of our program, the Miss Fulton County  Scholarship Organization can reimburse this fee for each of our 2023 candidates.

Time Commitment

To compete for the title of Miss Fulton County, you must attend the following events:

  • Rehearsal: Sunday, January 8, 2023, 12–5 PM (location TBC)

  • Interviews: Sunday, January 15, 2023, AM (time and location TBC)

  • Stage Show: Sunday, January 15, 2023, 4 PM (location TBC)

If you win our local title, you will be required to represent our organization at the 2023 State Competition. You must be able to attend these events:

  • 2023 Miss New York Workshop, March 11—12, 2023, Location TBD

  • 2023 Miss New State Week, May 30–June 4, 2023; Peekskill, NY

Additional requirements are included in our Year of Service Terms.

Phases of Competition



The private interview is ten minutes long and is between the candidate and the panel of judges. During this phase judges are assessing a candidate’s ability to think under pressure, speak eloquently and quickly and the aptitude for the job as a titleholder. This is the first phase of competition to take place.

On-stage Question &

Social Impact Pitch


On-stage question and the Social Impact Pitch are important to the judges in determining how well a candidate can respond under the pressure of an audience or the media. The on-stage questions range in their topic from current events to the job of a titleholder. The Social Impact pitch is a timed Shark-Tank style pitch of a Candidate’s Social Impact Initiative. Miss America is a public figure and keeping composure during stressful situations or unexpected conversations is an essential part of the job.



This is an assessment of the candidate’s dedication to her preferred art. While the most traditional talents are singing, dancing, playing an instrument, and dramatic performance, there have been very unique talents to grace the stage in the last few decades, including ventriloquism, painting, photography, composing, trick roping and of course, baton twirling.

Red Carpet


The Red Carpet competition is the re-branded classic evening wear competition. This is an opportunity to show the candidates on-stage presence and sense of style. Wardrobe does not have to be a gown and it is about the woman in the clothes, rather than the clothes themselves.

Scoring Breakdown

35%   Interview

35%   Talent

15%    On-stage Question + Social Impact Pitch

15%    Red Carpet

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