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2022 COVID Protocols

Masking: Participants

The Organization will provide KN95/KF94 masks for all candidates, judges, volunteers, vendors, performers, and any FMCC staff and students working in and around the theater, front of house, and backstage areas. Masks must be worn at all times with the following limited exceptions:

  • Candidates can wear clear, lower-face shields during their private interviews with the judges, which we will provide. Alternatively, they can wear the black or beige KN95 supplied to them.

  • Candidates may be unmasked while onstage alone during the stage phases of competition (this does not include the opening number or crowning).

  • Titleholders and runners-up may be allowed to remove masks or don clear face shields for photos after the show.

  • While on stage, our hosts and Miss New York may be unmasked. They will be required to mask while backstage unless they are actively announcing, in which case they will take care to maintain distance between other individuals. Miss New York will be required to wear a mask during the crowning. The hosts may unmask while announcing the awards but will otherwise mask during crowning.

Masking: Audience

We require that all spectators wear at least a surgical mask, but we encourage N95 equivalents (KN95/KF94) and will have an adequate supply in both adult and children’s sizes at ticket check-in. We will ask campus security to ask individuals to leave if they do not comply with our masking requirement

Elimination of Divertissements 

Twenty-three dancers from High Performance Dance Center will participate in the opening number with the candidates. We have eliminated any other divertissements or acts. All dancers and candidates will be wearing organization-supplied KN95s. Unless they have purchased a ticket, the dancers will not be allowed back in the theater after performing due to our capacity concerns.


Venue Capacity

The Rao Theater seats 200 people. We will not sell tickets to full capacity. We have not determined the final total we will allow, but we expect it will be between 100–125 seats. We have arranged to have the show professionally recorded and presented as a ticketed livestream.


These protocols are subject to change and modification as the conditions change. 

Updated 1/7/22

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